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Hi I'm Sandy!

Creator of The Catering Coach.

I grew my catering business the hard way - aka, loss of profits - but I want to teach you how to cater the right way.

My team and I have combined all of our systems, checklists, forms and tools from over 50 years of catering experience to show you how to increase your profits. We can help you build profitable catering revenue streams and systems that work!

Sandy Korem

"I want to help you reach your catering potential without all the mistakes I made!"


Get started today by becoming a member of The Catering Coach network!


Get started today by becoming a member of The Catering Coach network!


Utilize our tried and true systems to be more profitable immediately!

The Catering Coach is an elite training and consulting group exclusive to caterers and restaurateurs.  

With more than 50 years of expertise in the industry, our team knows what it takes to elevate a business and we’re serious about helping you reach your full catering potential.  

From private consultations to staff training, we offer an array of services to help our members be more efficient, successful and profitable!

What We Offer


One-on-one consultation with our coaches to fit your catering aspirations.


Step-by-step instructions on how to start a catering business from ground zero.


Tips and tricks that no other caterers are sharing with restaurant owners.


Instructions on how to price events including "line-itemed" costs.


Staff training so you don't have to be at every event.


Access to like-minded entrepreneurs to help you tackle any questions.


Systems for business to help keep the profits you make.


Expert advice on creating an off-site menu and event kitchen.

The Catering Coach


Many restaurant owners and caterers today are just not profitable.  They spend all their time and energy focusing on sales, but they give all of their profits away. 

Our teaching focuses on increasing sales and profits with little or no investment,  as well as maximizing earning potential by adding multiple revenue streams to your existing business.  

Simply put…we want to help you keep the money you make. 

We want to teach you how to cater the right way...the profitable way.

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Sandy Korem


Sandy Korem is the owner of the Dallas-based catering company, The Festive Kitchen, which operates multiple food divisions, catering, food manufacturing and gourmet food shops. Sandy and The Festive Kitchen have received numerous awards, including "The White House Food Service Medallion" for outstanding service to a sitting president. She is also a frequent speaker at national restaurant shows and a contributor to several national food publications.

The Festive Kitchen

Patty Howard


Patty Howard is the chef, owner and founder of Kitchen Door Catering, a from-scratch, award-winning catering company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Kitchen Door has exploded in recent years and includes high-end off-site catering as well as a retail "take-home" food division, and a thriving corporate delivery division. Patty brings her passion for food, event design and numbers-savvy to help other caterers understand process, structure, and profitability.

Kitchen Door Catering

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