Catering Two-A-Days

Catering Two-A-Days

Restaurant owners have a gold mine in their parking lot… CATERING. But often they just don’t know how to start a profitable catering revenue stream.

Do you know how to…

  • Price a menu?
  • Charge for labor?
  • Pack for an event?
  • Identify your catering brand?
  • Charge for deliveries?
  • Crush your corporate catering competition?
  • Write a profitable proposal?
  • Set up a mobile kitchen?

Do you even know where to begin?

“Catering Two-A-Days”™ has been developed to train you how to start a profitable catering revenue stream from the ground up.  You will learn from three caterers with over 50 years of combined catering experience!   We will share with you catering tips, tricks, and checklists that other caterers would never reveal to restaurant owners.

Training Chapters

How to Begin
Your Catering Brand Identity
Private Social
Full Service
Mobile Kitchen
Shhh! (Tips of the Trade)
Venue/Site Visits
Seated Dinners

With more being added regularly!

It’s Training Camp Time

Get the spreadsheets, checklists, and forms that would take you years to acquire.  We’ve got videos, tools, and access to three experienced caterers who will help you make it happen.

Catering Two-A-Days

Why Wait?  You can’t be a Catering Rookie forever!

Everything You Need To Know To Jumpstart Your Catering Revenue Stream & Add Huge Profits Straight To Your Bottom Line.

Forms, checklists, proposals, and systems for mastering catering include:

  • How to price a profitable menu
  • What to charge for labor.
  • Corporate Catering that NO ONE is doing
  • Catering Brand development for your restaurant
  • What to pack for an event
  • Do’s and Don’ts for Boxed Lunches and Drop Off Catering
  • What a “themed” restauranteur MUST do to be more competitive in the catering world.
  • Why you are losing catering profits
  • Catering that will set you apart from the competition

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Training Videos

Food Tips of The Trade (TOTT) that would take you years to learn on your own

Members only Facebook page with access to THREE Catering Coaches with over 50 years of catering experience

Constantly evolving “library” of logs, systems, videos, catering menus and food stations

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A Note from Sandy Korem, The Catering Coach…

Sandy Korem, The Catering CoachI started my catering business by baking brownies for a local hamburger joint.  Through “trial and error” aka loss of profits, I grew my business the hard way.  But, I want to teach you how to cater the right way.

Restaurant owners have a catering gold mine in their parking lot because they already have the overhead paid, the staff hired, equipment, recipes and menus already in place for a huge catering revenue stream.  But many are fearful of starting because serving a meal to a customer with a kitchen 10 feet away is quite different than serving 100 guests in the middle of a cow pasture with no running water or electricity.

Also, most truly don’t know how to price a catered event to make a profit.  In fact, most give their profits away!

I’ve combined all of my systems and checklists with forms and tools from two of my member coaches.  We will give you “one view with three perspectives” of how to run a profitable catering business from the ground up.

You can’t be a Pro without proper training.

Are you ready to stop being a catering rookie?

It’s Time To Start Catering Two-A-Days™

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Jodi Newland

Jodi Newland

Sweetwater Cuisine

Jodi Newland is the owner and founder of Sweetwater Cuisine, an award-winning catering company and restaurant in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Sweetwater Cuisine is a leader in the market for branding, presentation, and strategic event design. As a consultant through The Catering Coach, Jodi offers her expertise to others in the industry who want to learn how to develop their company brand, incorporate spectacular event design, and develop a plan for increased revenue by becoming a full-production company. Learning how to capture and produce your client’s vision will not only add dollars to your bottom line, but will distinguish you as the go-to caterer in your market.

Patty Howard

Patty Howard

Kitchen Door Catering

Patty Howard is the chef, owner, and founder of Kitchen Door Catering, a from- scratch, award-winning catering company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Kitchen Door has exploded in recent years and includes high-end off-site catering as well as a retail “take-home” food division, a thriving corporate delivery division with contracts for hotel, wholesale, and corporate dining. Patty brings her passion for food, event design and numbers-savvy to help other caterers understand process, structure, and profitability. Patty will share her vision and help you create a plan to bring new revenue streams and diversification to your business with a focus on driving profit.